Chick With Stick!


Why did I start this? I guess, I not only collect finery and accessories but I gather experiences, too. I may revise how I define Herberdasherist to include the experience bit. continue...December 2017, I went a Cigar 101 event for ladies only. I thought, that would be interesting. It was held at a wine bar. Two women who worked with a wine distributor featured French wines to pair with a selection of cigars. Well, why not?!

Monique Henderson of Cigarden shared her knowledge of cigars. She talked about how they're made, the various leaves, the different shapes and colors. She showed us how to hold it, how to cut it, how to light it and how to take the draw.

The place was packed. The wine was yummy. Although, it was a cold December evening small groups of us would disappear into a tent set-up outside next to the wine bar and practice what we learned.

Monique is now an owner of the cigar bar, The Loft in Farmington, a metro Detroit suburb. And my boo and me are kinda regulars at La Casa, a cigar bar in Detroit. If you are ever in the Motor City and want to chill, have a cocktail (or mocktail) let me know. I'll meet you there!