Yeah, so this happened...

A few years back, a woman from Australia connected with me via Instagram. A lots of things happen in the DMs. Anyhoo, she told me she was starting a magazine. A publication "putting women over fifty centerstage, disrupting the stereotype of aging."


Let me go back a bit. I've loved art my whole life and tried to draw and paint. I became addicted to attending art fairs. It was so much fun to see what people were creating. I started to collect interesting pieces of jewelry and clothing items. I kept my eyes open for independent designers. It's like I'm painting with fabric now, with textures, color and pattern.

I started to enjoy putting looks together and having fun playing with my clothes. Instagram became my way of recording looks. It was the space I used to document and celebrate my evolving style (and to some degree aging). Mind you, all this is happening after I turned 50. Thanks to (I'm sure) how hashtag culture worked at the time, is how Casey found my photo stream. She told me she was the founder and editor of this new magazine, Broad. She invited me to be featured in the style section of the premier issue. Flattered, YES! All I was doing was entertaining myself, learning Instagram and playing in my closet.

In April 2019, she did a remix of that original article. It's on the magazine's blog. You never know who is paying attention to what you do. Thank you, Casey Rafferty!